presentation1The school is firmly established within a 17th century citadel, located in the very heart of Montpellier on the Esplanade, close to the place de la Comédie and near the Congress Centre, Le Corum.

Owing to its upper school encompassing a great variety of optional studies and workshops, its classes preparing for the entry exams to the literary, scientific and economic Grandes Ecoles, the influence of its European and International classes, every year le Lycée Joffre welcomes 2.500 students in an exceptional campus in the heart of the city.

The school is near the station and benefits from the strategic positioning between the tramway stations of le Corum and la Comedie. It is close to both the big town libraries and its media ressource centre.

presentation2The teachers and the students have a well-documented library at their disposal within the campus (referred to as the CDI : Information and Documentation Centre). The latter harbours 20 400 documentary works and 6 300 fictitious works (novels, poetry and plays) and numerous magazines (90 subscriptions). Cd-roms, slides and vodeocassettes can be found there as well.

The school is equipped with a sports complex including a gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis courts, beach-volley ball court and a community room.

As in France students attend classes the whole day, they have acces to both a restaurant and a cafetaria.

The disciplines

Students can choose between three main general disciplines (Literary courses, Economic and Social courses, Scientific courses) or STG which trains students in the technological field. These courses in technology opens onto higher education in communication and management.


presentation3Choice between English, German and Spanish, as 1st or 2nd language. Italian or Russian, as a 3rd language
In the general disciplines, students can widen their knowledge in the European sections.
The school has an international Spanish section as well, which culminates in a double GCE (French and Spanish).
There are many echanges organized with Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, India, Ukraine … Students are offered the best opportunities to feel at home everywhere in Europe and the rest of the world.

Optional courses and Workshops

In addition to the compulsory courses, students can attend optional courses and workshops : Latin, Greek, music, theatre, dance, chess, sign language ...

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